has professionally motivated and dedicated staff with modern weapons to ensure efficient and dependable services to cope with challenges and threats in the context of present day environment. Company was incorporated in 29 June 1995, under section 32 of the Companies Ordinance Act 1984 (XLVII of 1984) in order to adequately combat the menace of lawlessness in most terrible prevailing law & order situation in whole world generally and particularly in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has entrusted upon us to operate the Security Services in all the provinces of Pakistan.

Security Consultancy Services

Foreign Qualified (Switzerland) in Operational Security, CEO of Valiant Security Services PVT LTD is the trusted adviser for many organizations around the Pakistan. We offer a full range of specialized consulting services and risk management.

VIP Protection

The VIP Guarding division offers personal security to the next level. Training in close protection, body guarding, VIP escorting is what the guard will receive to give you the best possible close security.

Event Management Security

By liaising with you and your teams, Valiant Security Services PVT LTD provides a solution that will not only be proactive and avoid potential concerns; it will provide maximum protection for both the people attending the events, and the organizers.

Escort Protection Service

Our Close protection teams are highly Professional well trained on the skills and drills of escorting with vigilance that react when it comes to Quick Reaction Response during escort.

Static Guards

At Valiant Security Services PVT LTD we provide highly trained, uniformed Security Officers that carry out Manned Guarding for all your security needs.

Alarm Installation for commercial, industrial and residential requirements (Radio, GSM and PSTN)


Access Control


Metal & Explosives Detection Systems


Road Blocker and Barrier Systems




Provision of Bomb/ Bullet Proof Vehicles


Telecom Network Security